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We Buy Scrap Gold Jewelry. From Necklaces & Chains, Bracelets, Rings – Even Class Rings, Bridal Sets, Wedding Bands, Cocktail Rings, Etc. Plus, We Also Buy Dental Gold – Serving Inverness FL.

What Dental Gold Do We Buy?

Dental Gold typically comes in 8-karat, 9-karat, 10-karat, and 14-karat gold. Including: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Dental Crowns are a cover or cap that go over your tooth.

There are three main types of Dental Bridges that we see scrapped for their gold value.

  • Traditional – Most popular choice. It consists of a false tooth or teeth being held in place by a series of dental crowns that are cemented or fused together. Typically 3 or more. Where the missing tooth or gap is fused to two teeth that are there.
  • Cantilever – Only one tooth is required to be fused or cemented to the crown holding place for the missing tooth.
  • Maryland – requires two natural teeth – one on either side of the gap. Instead of using crowns, it uses a metal framework that is bonded to the backs of the natural teeth.

Fillings are a small fraction of dental gold. They can be large fillings or small fillings.

Dental Grills are decorative covers that snap over one or more teeth. Typically they are removable.

Gold Dental Braces & Retainers typically come in 14k or 18k gold.

Overlays are typically found on a single tooth.

Different Types Of Dental Gold

Pure gold is very malleable, and is not ideal for use in the mouth, where the forces of chewing may deform the metal. For this reason, pure (24k) gold is not used for dental crowns or other dental work. The average is 11.5 karat or 47.9% gold.

There are three basic types of dental gold alloy, as follows:

  • Precious metal (high noble alloy) – This alloy is made from a minimum of 60% high noble metal alloys, usually including gold, palladium, and platinum. 40% of the metal content must be gold.
  • Semi-precious metal (noble alloy) – This type of alloy is made from a minimum of 25% precious metal, including gold.
  • Non-noble alloy (non-precious metal) – Usually made from a blend of chromium, nickel, and gold, this type of alloy contains some gold, but less than 25% precious metal by weight.

The higher the percentage of gold and noble metals is in the alloy, the less likely the dental work is to corrode or oxidize in the mouth. This is because gold and other noble metals are immune to corrosion and damage from oral acid. Which means, the higher content of Gold in your Dental Gold when you go to sell it to us. Whether it be 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k.

Other metals used in dental gold alloys include palladium, silver, chrome, nickel, copper, tin, etc. Unfortunately, some gold crowns present a gold color but have little or no gold content.

Why We Are Different

We Buy Dental Gold in Inverness FL

Vermillion Enterprises, Spring Hill Gold & Coin Shop Plus, specializes in everything gold, silver, and platinum. We are different because we put the customer first. We believe in building a reputation based on trust and honest trade practices.

We also buy scrap gold, check out our cash for gold program where we offer top dollar for your unwanted gold. We offer more than any other gold dealer or cash for gold location in the Inverness area.

In Addition To Dental Gold, There Is Dental SilverPlatinum, And Even Palladium!

Vermillion Enterprises. Your One-Stop Coin Shop & Gold Dealer. Specializing in ALL Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Precious Metals. Like Palladium & Rhodium Too!

FAQ’s About Dental Gold

 How much is my dental gold worth?

  • Due to the broad variation in the market price for gold, different metal alloys used, and the actual weight of crowns, the value per crown may vary from value if they have no gold content, to as much as $200. However, most are in the range of $40 – $90 each.
  • Bridges are usually heavier. Therefore usually have higher values than single gold crowns. As the closer in weight to a troy ounce you get, the more money you will receive. As spot prices are based on troy ounces.

Do you buy amalgam?

No. We do not buy amalgam. Because amalgam contains mercury. Which must be properly disposed of. Due to its hazardous nature.

Do you buy partials?

No. We do not buy partials. Because partials, unfortunately, do not contain any precious metals.

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